Our faith is in one God, present in all that we do and think and feel. The best guide we have to God is Jesus, who shows that the deepest meaning to life is love. And God's Spirit inspires us to know God's love and to share with each other the love that Jesus preached.

Faith is experienced rather than learned. Being part of of St. John's Church enables us:

- to celebrate what is good in life

- to explore Jesus' way of love

- to share the biblical witness to the Spirit's working

The United Reformed Church brings together, in one national Free Church, English Presbyterians, Congregationalists from Scotland, England and Wales, and members of the Churches of Christ. One hundred thousand people make up 1600 congregations, with more than 700 ministers, paid and unpaid.

Although one of the smaller mainstream denominations in Britain, the United Reformed Church plays a dynamic and challenging part in the country's Christian life. It seeks to work with Christians of all traditions, believing that all God's people should be one. It is committed to theological and cultural diversity.

Worldwide, more than 70 million Christians are members of the Reformed family of churches, the largest Protestant tradition. We call ourselves Reformed because our churches began to emerge with reform movements in the sixteenth century.

  Sunday morning worship
  Sunday morning worship
  Harvest Festival
  Harvest Festival
'in the round'
  Behind the church
  Behind the church
  Preparing the new wildlife area
  Preparing the
new wildlife area
  Worship in the woods (church weekend away)
  Worship in the woods
(church weekend away)


External view of the church taken from
the village green
View of the church from the gallery Easter collage made by children at the Holiday Club View towards the rear of the church across children’s play area One of the rooms where Junior Church and Pre-School meet Upstairs room usually used by the young people